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Kubectl Cheatsheet

Just a small list of kubectl commands that I always forget. This is a living list, so feel free to add any comments below.

Convert AKS PV to Premium Disk

Convert AKS PV to Premium Disk AKS Clusters have a few pre-defined storage classes that can be used when creating volumes. These are typically: NAME PROVISIONER RECLAIMPOLICY azurefile Delete...

MinIO Kubernetes Signature Error

MinIO Kubernetes SignatureDoesNotMatch I was recently playing around with MinIO running in Kubernetes behind nginx-ingress. Everything was working wonderfully, until I tried generating a URL from another service running in...

Kubernetes Admin Toolbox

My k8s Admin Toolbox Just a set of tools that use while managing my k8s clusters. If you use something different, great, leave a message below.

Manually Trigger a Kubernetes Cronjob

Manually Trigger a Kubernetes Job Ever wanted to kick off a Kubernetes Cronjob manually? Here's how Replace <NameSpace>, <CronJobName>, and <JobName> with your respective namespace and cronjob name kubectl create...

Copy Kubernetes Secret to Another Namespace

Copy Kubernetes Secret to Another Namespace Sometimes you just want to share a secret between namespaces, for example, a Docker Registry Credential. Replace CurrentNameSpace and NewNameSpace with your respective namespaces....

Deploy Bitwarden on Kubernetes

How to deploy Bitwarden in a Kubernetes cluster

Using Certmanager with Cloudflare and Kubernetes

How to configure certmanager for DNS challenges with Cloudflare and Kubernetes What is Certmanager Certmanager is a native Kubernetes cluster certificate manager. This article aims to outline the process of...