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MinIO Kubernetes Signature Error

MinIO Kubernetes Signature Error

MinIO Kubernetes SignatureDoesNotMatch

I was recently playing around with MinIO running in Kubernetes behind nginx-ingress. Everything was working wonderfully, until I tried generating a URL from another service running in the same k8s cluster. The service talks to minio on http://minio:9000 and asks for a download URL to pics/IvanDoggo.jpg. The code then rewrites the URL to match my ingress of with the proper S3 signatures appended. When I attempt to access that link, I get the following error:

Get Secrets

    The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided.  Check your key and signing method

The issue comes from the S3 signing method. MinIO creates a signature based on the hostname and port. I'm creating a signature with http://minio:9000 and trying to use it with

The easiest solution is to add this annotation to your MinIO ingress document (only works with nginx-ingress)

annotations: minio:9000