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Reset Admin Password

Reset Admin Password

How to reset a forgotten admin password for

Obviously, you must have a running instance of and access to the container/pod

I know that has extensive API integration, however, I could not find the proper documentation to reset the Admin password.

SQL Lite Database uses a SQLite Database to store user account information. This database is stored in the /data mount specified in the docker-compose.yaml or Kubernetes PVC, and is named users.db

Create a new Password uses SHA512-CRYPT for password hashing. Since we are updating the SQLite database directly, we need to create a SHA512-CRYP has of our new password. Run this command on your Poste.iocontainer/pod.

doveadm pw -s SHA512-CRYPT
Enter new password:
Retype new password:

Enter your new password twice and copy the output, which should be similar to this:


Update your Admin Password

Connect to your SQLite Database

cd /data
sqlite3 users.db

Update your Account Password

UPDATE users
SET password = '{SHA512-CRYPT}$6$mJz6tRO0loIfBfQm$dKbEtJWG7WeEfty0uDLHGlW1fO/bdUwBWDo5wvfosfj0ZgXINY1hFZi94v5HyW.r9h2vpvr5rEBuFA8kM3m2d.' 
WHERE address = '[email protected]';